Its finally here , the ultimate Head unit for your BMW E46 ! 

We have addressed your concerns and this is the result ! 

Order on this Introductory offer ! Quantities limited !

Please read: 

The first 10 Head units will be priced at US$ 365.00 Which is About £257.00 , On the Top left of this Page you will see a currency selector. 
Sorry I cannot be more exact but the currency fluctuations have been crazy ! 
And right now it is probably less than £257.00 but tomorrow could be more. This does not include SD Navigation 
because some people already have theirs. Postage , and Import taxes also extra 
The delivery will be first week of July, 2016. 
After that the price reverts to only US$429.00 which is about £299.00 Same conditions as above apply ! When this first shipment of 50 units is sold the price revert to normal price at £329. 
We have a few orders for testing etc so there will be about 35 units available at the higher price !
This unit has been well tested and thought out. We consider it to be as close to the perfect head unit, based on today's technology and availability and customer concerns as we could get! 

Just a few of your concerns that have been addressed in the Navall Star

  •  Boot time is 9 Seconds (Only 3 seconds after the initial cold boot) 
  •  TPMS Will be come or has become law in many places so this resolves that requirement
  •  Firmware is already being worked on to upgrade to Android 6.0 (And Navall 3 is about to go Android 5.1)
  •  The build quality on this is Phenomenal !
  •  The DAB is plug and play , (you may want to consider the upgraded aerial)
  •  This unit is amazing in bright sunshine. Little to no glare.

And So So Much more.

A few Comments , "I have been doing this for 20 years and this is by far the best unit that I have seen. I can find no fault with it"  JC

and "You have a real winner there Sean." TF

And Now Without further ado we offer you...........